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Episode 6: Screen Time & Tech Addiction

Welcome to the MommyHue Podcast episode 6.  This week, Nicole and Nakita discuss “Screen Time & Tech Addiction” (part 1) invading today’s youth.  Subscribe and listen as these longtime friends weigh-in on all things MOMMY, but from two different perspectives.  Sit back, relax with a glass of wine, join our MomSquad and enjoy!


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“Would You Rather”

– Nicole

  1. …give up alcohol or coffee?
    1. Coffee!
  2. …poop in peace or shower in peace?
    1. Poop!
  3. …step on a Lego or a wet sock?
    1. Wet sock!
  4. …change all poop diapers or give all the baths?
    1. Give all the baths

“Would You Rather”

– Nakita

  1. …grocery shopping along or Target shopping?
    1. Grocery shopping!
  2. …take a nap everyday or eat all of your food without having to share?
    1. Take a nap!
  3. …take the kids to Chuck E Cheese with a hangover or tell them that their favorite stuffed animal is in the laundry
    1. Chuck E Cheese with a hangover!
  4. …900 sq. ft house or 9,000 sq. ft house
    1. 9,000 sq. ft!
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